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Our businesses

Ellipse and our businesses are leaders in sports data and analytics

We simplify complex data to engage a broad and diverse audience and tell better stories about the sports we love.


CricViz offers the most comprehensive data, insight and analysis products in world cricket. The collection, analysis and reporting of data is at the heart of delivering first-class content to our partners.


FootballViz’s technology analyses football data to unearth what can’t be easily observed at scale and automates what can be.

Horse racing

Developing new metrics to understand how races are really run and what makes a horse a winner.


Oval Insights (Joint venture between Ellipse and Prospect Sporting Insights) and Stuart Farmer Media Services combine to deliver the ultimate rugby data and analytics provider. Our machine-learning models can help teams find an edge on the field, and help leagues and broadcasters tell more compelling stories about the game.


TennisViz’s automated AI software processes ball and player tracking data in real time to calculate shot type, shot quality, situation, phase of play and tactic for every shot.

Betting and Gaming

Our sports betting and gaming division is unique, and with access to our specialist sports verticals we can identify and execute new opportunities in the betting and gaming space at speed.