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Q&A with Tennis Analyst: Tom Callingham

We caught up with Tennis Analyst Tom Callingham to discuss his background in the industry and his motivations for joining TennisViz.

Welcome to TennisViz, Tom. Can you tell us about your career and experience in the industry?

I’ve spent six years at the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) as a Performance Analyst. In the final few years of my time there, I led the analysis for the Men’s Team, supporting the British male elite and best young players while also being part of the Davis Cup team.

What excited you about the opportunity to join TennisViz?

Joining TennisViz presented me with a chance to be a part of something innovative. It’s an exciting time for tennis, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the company leading the way in tennis analytics.

In your experience, what makes TennisViz’s offering to players and coaches unique?  

The Insights allow players and coaches to review their performances using unique data points and compare their performances with their peers at a level of detail they can’t find anywhere else.

What impact do you see the TennisViz Insights having on fans of tennis?

TennisViz Insights is creating a new language for the fans, giving them a better understanding or what is happening in the match and providing unique Insights to their favourite player. 

How do you see the use of the Tennis Insights evolving in the next 12-18 months?

Tennis Insights is evolving from very good metrics that can identify and explain performance to metrics that can predict performance.

Outside of your career, what is your connection to sport?

Like most people who work in the industry, my connection to sport is through being an enthusiastic and ambitious sports participant. I’ve played cricket, football, tennis, and a few others, but once I realised I wouldn’t be good enough to become a professional, I focused on working within the industry.

To learn more about the Tennis Insights, click here.

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